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Our Hospital

Our Garden City veterinary hospital is devoted to your pet’s well being.


Since purchasing the clinic Dr Tuller has been putting a lot of time and effort into updating the decor, medical equipment and patient accommodations. 

We have added a wet table for dental cleanings and wound treatment patients. We just purchased a Digital X-Ray Machine to give us a more crisp and clear diagnostic image. Our newest surgery monitor has EKG, respiration, blood oxygen, CO2, core body temperature and non-invasive blood pressure monitoring capabilities. We also have a Hot Dog Patient Warmer that we use during surgery to assist in the prevention of hypothermia. We have in-house CBC and blood chemistry testing capabilities.

The clinic is also the proud owner of a Cutting Edge Veterinary Laser, MLS Therapy Laser. The therapy laser is a cold laser that helps to increase circulation in the treated area. Increased circulation will assist in decreasing inflammation and pain response. We have used the therapy laser as a component in treating conditions such as arthritis, pain from hip dysplasia, minor intervertebral disk disease, sprains, acute inflammation and wound healing.

Contact us today at (620) 276-2663 to schedule your pet care appointment with our friendly and dedicated veterinary team!